Is Your Marketing Creating Value?


Has your approach to marketing stagnated? Are you using the same approach to marketing communications year in and year out expecting it to deliver a quantifiable and increasing ROI? This simply isn’t the way a successful marketing campaign works anymore. Pull your approach to marketing out of the dark ages and refresh it with a strategic content focused approach, tracked by key performance indicators (KPIs).

1. Refresh your messaging and communicate it appropriately and efficiently

Many small or growing businesses focus so much on communicating why they are the best, most shiny product or service on the shelf. This approach was long effective; get a notable figure to claim your product is the best, buy the most ad space or package your product in the most attractive parcel. 

Now, with a few keywords and a click of a mouse even grandma is savvy enough to find competing reviews online and evaluate complicated product specs or service packages. A more effective approach is to communicate how your product or service meets your target audience’s needs. What are the key differentiating factors that set your product apart from the pack? How is your product or service uniquely positioned within the market to serve an untapped audience? 

Taking these key messages and communicating them through a multi-pronged approach, inclusive of traditional and non-traditional means, is the surest way to reach the broadest audience. A singular approach limited to traditional means is no longer an option.

2. Create valuable content focused on efficient search engine optimization (SEO) and not keyword stuffing

There is no doubt about it, keywords and metatags are important factors in today’s SEO, but what’s more, according to Google, is quality content that is relevant and current. Recently, Google remapped how they measure SEO and it is no longer squarely based on how many keywords you have stuffed into your site or what keyword you lead with to increase your ranking, no matter how awkwardly it positions your brand. 

The new approach is more holistic and places emphasis on rich content that is refreshed on a regular basis. Think of adding something to your site on a weekly or biweekly basis. This could be a blog post, press release, new product or service information, or a trend-spotters report. Always maximize ROI by repurposing traditional content on your website and digital content in your collateral, if possible and relevant.

3. Harness data to ensure ROI

In today’s marketing space there is no shortage of tools to measure and track behavior to ensure ROI. This doesn’t have to be a complex or cumbersome process. Utilizing your website analytics, tracking open-rates of e-blasts and newsletters, and success of promotions is important in determining success and campaign growth trajectory. Set KPI’s upfront for all marketing programs and track success against these determined metrics. If a particular portion of the campaign is not tracking well, reevaluate it and determine a new strategy. You can evaluate your integrated marketing approach from a holistic standpoint by integrating and evaluating all components.