Five Must-Have Apps for Professionals

From Angry Birds to Carbon Foot Calculator, there are more than one million mobile applications available for your consumption. With so many options, it is hard to know which applications are worthwhile and which ones are better left in cyberspace. Below are five must-have applications that are sure to make your busy work days a little easier. 1. Dropbox – Similar to iCloud, Dropbox is a digital storage service that allows you to consolidate all your files – from all your devices – into one place. Any file you save to Dropbox instantaneously saves to your computers, phones and the Dropbox website in an easy-to-share format. This application even keeps a one-month history of your work, so you can undo changes and undelete files if you make a mistake. It’s also very collaborative – you can invite friends, family or coworkers to a folder and everyone can view and edit the document from the DropBox folder in real time. And it doesn’t just have to be work stuff – I used it to share photos with my family and friends after a vacation.  Price: based on gigabytes of storage, pricing ranges from free to $19.99 a month 2. Instapaper Pro – From important news stories to interesting blog posts, Instapaper Pro allows you to save any online page directly to your mobile device making it accessible anytime, even without internet access. This application also works with long e-mails you wish to read later. Instapaper is a great resource for catching up when you’re flying or on the go without Wi-Fi.  Price: $4.99 3. ToDo – As indicated by its name, this application is your personal electronic planner. The application allows you to check-off completed tasks and lets you prioritize tasks to be sure you never forget a deadline. It also works well with the other digital applications you use – you can sync it with your iCal or Outlook calendars, schedule reminders and alerts and integrate your contacts from various sources. It also syncs with your mobile devices, desktop and online account, giving you access to your to-do list at all times. Price: Depending on the device, prices range from $4.99 to $19.99 4. Seesmic – This application allows you to manage and organize multiple social media accounts, searches, trending topics and lists in a customizable dashboard. After all, in these fast-pace times, being able to stay on top of social media at all times is crucial in managing brands and truly connecting with and understanding consumers – and staying on top of your own personal accounts, too! Price: Free 5. Expensify – Expensify is the easiest way to keep track of all of your expenses, save receipts and generate expense reports. You can import expenses right from a credit card or bank account and quickly rename, categorize, tag, attach receipts and add comments to expenses. With an automatic receipt scanning application, Expensify can even create an expense from a receipt image.  Expensify’s expense report can be sent to anyone, anywhere. You can even pull out the analytics of your company’s expense report in the form of graphs and charts to see a breakdown of spending by person, expense type, merchant or any number of custom filters.  Price: Free What are your favorite apps for productivity? Share them below!