Digital Influence Weekly – The Summer of Social Media

Twitter is announcing a huge change to how search and discovery is conducted through their service. We’ll keep an eye out and post it to our social media accounts later. Personally, I’d like them to change the retweet function to allow for editing in a browser, but who knows if that will ever come about.

And now the Digital Influence Weekly…

Digital Influencer

Technically every summer should be a summer of social media, especially for your business. As hard as many people try to put their devices away when traveling, they eventually come out. Mobile devices are the perfect vacation companion. What do you want to do on vacation when traveling?

Discover new places. 
Experience an area the way locals do.
Capture memories.

Mobile devices allow us to accomplish these things. So what does that mean for your business? Branding and discovery.

Adventure through Discovery

This is a team effort orchestrated by you and the public. If you have created online profiles through sites like Foursquare or Facebook, people can find you when they use their mobile device to see what’s nearby. They can check tips and reviews supplied by the public to discover the inside scoop on the places they must visit. If your business is by a hotel or popular landmark, it’s imperative that you are able to be found by visitors while they are in the area through these programs.

Branded by the Public

Branding can be accomplished by others through the photos they upload which can be found by the public. Instagram, which was bought by Facebook, was reported to have had 1 billion photos uploaded by 40 million users by last April. Is your company in those photos? Programs like Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr aren’t able to recognize what all is in a picture unless a text description or tags (relevant key words) accompany it. Not everyone who uploads a photo adds a description however. That means that while you won’t find all the photos people took while at your location, you can find some. You can go to these and other sites and begin searching for your business by name. (Instagram does not have this online yet. I suggest going to and use the search function.) You might find some great images to share.

No Diving Off the Peer… Reviews

There’s a good chance that your business exists in some capacity on these sites, so it’s time to take control where you can. If don’t already own your Foursquare account, claim it. If you don’t like what’s being posted online, add your own content. If you’re not able to spend time taking photos of fun activities at your location, ask your fans for theirs. Do what you can to guide peer generated content.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to take a few a pictures!