Build Your A-Team: Succession Planning & Leadership Development

Build Your A-Team: Succession Planning & Leadership Development

Business leaders gathered in downtown Houston to hear Pierpont’s CEO Phil Morabito share his input on how to develop an “A-Team,” focusing on succession planning, leadership development and organizational evolution.

During the discussion, Morabito stressed the idea of loyalty in a company, making it clear that team members should not just be appreciated during review season, but on a regular basis.

“Recognize the go-getters, the next generation of people, and treat them special,” said Morabito. “Skilled, talented individuals can work anywhere, so give them a reason to work at your company, and most importantly, take care of them.”

Many participants of the Business Owner Leadership Dynamics (BOLD) event inquired about how to adapt to the generational divide, claiming that the work ethic and terminology among generations was much different. Morabito said to look at the results and performance of the company and individuals, and focus on the big picture: the younger generation wants to be challenged and motivated in similar ways to the generations who came before them. The differences lie in how you inspire, reward and push them to grow.

“It can be hard to take the back seat of a car and give up some control, but having people you rely on makes that transition a little easier,” said Morabito referencing Pierpont’s “A-Team.”

The BOLD event featured three segments, and Morabito was a panel member along with Rob Andrews, CEO of Allen Austin, and Herb Johnson, CEO of HVJ Associates, Inc.