With so many channels and so little time, organizations must be smarter and more strategic about how they craft and share their unique stories.

Through Pierpont’s content marketing training, you will learn how to think less like a marketer or organizational leader and act more like a storyteller to educate, engage and inspire action among your key stakeholders. With hands-on activities, illustrative case studies and dynamic discussions, you’ll walk away with a slate of ah-ha’s and practical how-to’s to shape your story—and elevate your brand.

The following sessions can be customized based on your available time and size of group—from lunch & learn presentations to half- and full-day workshops.

Focus: Brand Storytelling

The Rest of Your Story: Develop Content that Engages, Educates & Inspires Action

Today’s organizations are no longer simply selling products and services. They are being called to reinvent themselves as content developers—sharing and selling ideas through countless platforms and channels. Through this interactive session, discover simple, effective ways to improve your brand story and share it effectively to engage, educate and move your audiences to action. Topics covered include: letting go of personal and organizational bias, creating a storytelling culture, audience mapping and content strategy and measurement.

Focus: Content Strategy & Process

Connect the Content Dots: Streamline Your Process for Efficient Content Creation

Many organizations have the right people and right channels in place. Yet, they struggle to connect the dots to maximize their content creation pipeline and may even struggle to produce content in a timely manner. Through this hands-on session, your team can re-evaluate your editorial strategy to bring new clarity to your approach and streamline activities to create greater efficiency. Topics covered include: content strategy, audience engagement, editorial roles and process, establishing KPIs and reporting.

Focus: Creative Writing / Content Development

Tell Your Story Better: Think Outside the Marketing Box to Rock Your Content Creation

How can you create on the clock, especially while writing about the same topics over and over again? Through this session, you’ll learn how to breathe new life into your organization’s story by helping content creators take a fresh look at their craft. Through this customized creative writing session, you will be guided through relevant discussion and hands-on activities to write better content to educate, engage and convert your readers. Topics covered include: honing your craft as a writer, writing across channels, engaging readers through mind and heart share and busting through creative blocks. 

Focus: Creative Leadership

Birds of Different Feathers Can Work Together: Lead & Work with Creative Teams

Do the creative “birds” among your ranks work easily together? It can be difficult to coordinate all these different personalities,  especially when you’re in the midst of organizational growth and change. Through this dynamic session, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to lead and work within marketing and communications teams to establish a culture of creativity and foster greater productivity. Topics covered include: identifying what kind of “birds” you and your team are, honoring creative freedom while still achieving goals, proactive communication and differences and providing effective feedback.

Download the speaking & training packet for more details. To explore setting up a content training, contact Lara Zuehlke at 512-448-4950.


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