Hewlett Packard

Strengthening Product Reputation Via Media Relations

Hewlett Packard (HP) came to Pierpont for strategic and tactical assistance to help strengthen product reviews for the HP handheld products division, through the implementation of a program to increase media coverage in technology, business and consumer publications.

Pierpont worked with HP product and marketing teams to revise and execute a press evaluations program for the personal systems group, included warehousing, testing, distributing, tracking and recovering products used within the program. Pierpont worked with influential media targets to solicit reviews, coordinated and staffed briefings and developed a product reviews’ guide for media who wished to review products without outside assistance. Pierpont also implemented reviewer-focused events on HP’s campus and at industry trade shows. All of these programs were designed to align product evaluation strategies with international product launch strategies.

As a result of these efforts the team averaged 50 placements per quarter in business, technology, consumer, broadcast and vertical outlets, and increased coverage in consumer print and broadcast outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, PC Magazine, PC World, Glamour, New York Times, and Fine Living Network. There were also numerous on-site tradeshow product briefings, demos and coverage at key conferences nationwide.