Digital Influence Weekly – Embedded Facebook Post

  Have you heard about the new ability to embed a Facebook post? Move your cursor to the top right of a post and select the drop-down menu. Click “embed post” to find the html code to copy and paste into your site or blog. Try it out when you want to feature an update

Digital Influence Weekly – Oh the Facebook Algorithms are a Changin

Facebook has changed its algorithm and the first big clue you may have seen was in noticing an option for Promoted Posts, which allows you to pay to ensure your posts are seen by the audience you have built.

Digital Influence Weekly – Conference Tweeting Your Way to Better Networking

Conferences are a great way to steal the show even if you’re not the speaker. Live tweeting gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to others that you’re 1) on the scene, 2) connected to important information and 3) you’re a resource for providing the valuable information.

Digital Influence Weekly – Business Instagrammar

    Not all mobile apps are created equal. A Tooth Fairy app, which helps parents determine the value of a kid’s tooth, actually exists. Shouldn’t parents be able to determine what’s appropriate and what they can afford when leaving money under a kid’s pillow? Personally I’d rather have an app that helps me locate the

Digital Influence Weekly – Please Turn On All Mobile Devices During the Presentation

    How old is your social media manager? Cathyrne Sloan, a ’12 graduate of University of Iowa who writes for NextGenJournal, thinks it should be under 25. Hollis Thomases writes in that they shouldn’t be 23 or younger. That’s great news for 24-year-olds. What do you think? And now the Digital Influence Weekly…   Anytime I