Kathy Nethercutt


Not only does Kathy Nethercutt provide excellent attention to detail for the day-to-day administration of a bustling agency, but she can also balance our CEO’s schedule, manage special assignments and find treasures in an estate sale like she’s an HGTV star.

Kathy is known for her canny professionalism and organization. She can multitask like no one’s business–from coordinating exhaustive numbers of calendars and wrangling emails to simultaneously handling accounting functions, employee development, business itineraries and event planning. Whew!

Prior to joining Pierpont, Kathy served as the Administrative Services Manager at Houston Technology Center, the Executive Assistant of Division Management at Belgravia Investments / Pasadena Paper Company, and as the Supervisor of Natural Gas Operations SarGas Corporation. With 28 years of savvy business experience, Kathy is the rock that keeps Pierpont steady.