Derrell Manhertz

Meet the lone Philadelphia Eagles fan in a pro-Dallas Cowboys office, Derrell Manhertz.

Originally from Woolwich Township, New Jersey, he made his way down south to attend The University of Texas at Austin for his bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies before finding his way to Pierpont.

Derrell began his path to becoming a Pierponter as a digital apprentice supporting accounts covering social media, lead generation, and website development. Now as an Assistant Account Executive, Digital, he brings a skill set focused on understanding an evolving digital audience and supporting digital marketing functions across the firm. His prior experiences include e-commerce, SEO, SEM, UX, and every other communications acronym you’ll ever need.

When he’s away from the office and not researching the latest digital trends, you can find Derrell out running through the city of Austin, still in shape after a four-year career as a D1 distance runner on UT Austin’s Track & Field team.

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